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What makes SoMi Pet Resort so unique?  Our unwavering commitment to excellence in providing every guest with superior quality care.

“We were pleasantly pleased with Pop Tart’s reaction to the pools last weekend.  We never left her any place except with family & friends before.  Looking forward to trying your facility.

-Joanne A.

I’m so proud of you both.  I know you are going to make a lot of people happy with the new location.

– Mom.

Thanks so much for everything you have done. You are truly an amazing pet resort and couldn’t be happier you are in Miami, finally!

– Adam C.

I came in for a tour during the open house.  Then I went home and applied to work here.

– Mario

So excited for you guys!

– Lidia .

Your place in Fort Lauderdale is far for us, but was always worth the drive.  So happy you’re here in Miami now!

– Jennifer B.

I loved the open house on Saturday.  As soon as we walked in we could tell this place is special.

– B. Pelaez

We stopped in for the open house yesterday.  My dog loved the pool, and he hates our pool at home.

– Celine.

I’m going to cancel my hotel and stay here!

– Bob.