Somi Pet Resort

Book your pet's stay in advance
Book your pet's stay in advance


Choose from a variety of
accommodations, snacks and activities
to create a boarding experience
tailor-made for your pet!

Dog Boarding Rates

Step #1 - Pick Your Dog's Room

Standard Room

$ 58 per night
  • 5' x 16'
  • indoor and outdoor style room

Grande Suite

$ 68 per night
  • 8' x 16'
  • Indoor and Outdoor style room
  • webcam upgrade +$10/night

Luxury Suite

$ 98 per night
  • 7' x 12'
  • all indoor room
  • includes Top Dog + Webcam
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Active during all major holidays, Summer Season and spring break. 

Step #2 - Pick Your Dog's Activites

Happy Hound

$ 12 per day
  • 2 Hours group play
  • Or
  • 2 private playtimes

Playful Pooch

$ 17 per day
  • 4 Hours group play
  • or
  • 4 private playtimes

Top Dog

$ 22 per day
  • all day group play
  • (up to 6 hours)

Mandatory Bath $30-$40

Required For All Dogs at the end of their boarding stay.  

Rates based Depending on Size and Length Of Coat

Check Out by 12pm Noon to avoid $35 late checkout fee

Multi-Dog Family Discounts

  • 20% off 2nd dog’s boarding if sharing room
  • Families of 3 or more dogs receive 20% off each dog’s boarding suite rate

Cat Boarding Rates

Our feline lodging includes a multi-room condo and private playtime in our secure cat rooms with webcam access

Single Cat Condo

(Tri Level)
$ 35 per night
  • 2nd Cat Sharing Condo recieves
  • 20% Discount


Two Meals Daily & Individual Kitty Playtime.
Where your cat can freely roam our cat room!

Doggie Daycare Rates

Single Day Daycare


includes up to 6 hours of group play. daily rate per dog

6 Day Punchcard


equivalent to $40 per day. expires one year after purchase

25 Day Punchcard


equivalent to $38 per day. expires one year after purchase

50 Day Punchcard


equivalent to $36 per day. expires 

one year after purchase

Monthly Unlimited Punchcard


Unlimited access to Daycare 7 days a week.  Expires One month after purchase. *Subject to availability during peak season

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