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Book your pet's stay in advance
Book your pet's stay in advance


Here at SoMi Pet Resort, your pet will remain active and engaged through a variety of activities, including supervised group playtime in our private dog parks, private family play, private walks and individual play, and for the exceptionally well-behaved dog, office duty.
So, whether visiting for the day or here for an extended stay, SoMi Pet Resort sets the gold standard in pet hospitality

Daycare (Non-Boarding Dogs)

Drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon.  Daycare includes as many activities as your pet’s size and temperament can accommodate. The daily cost is $41, or obtain a pre-paid Punch Card for discount savings

For Boarding Dogs

Choose from three exciting activity packages: 

Happy Hound – 2 hrs group play OR 2 private walks 

Playful Pooch – 4 hrs group play OR 4 private walks 

Top Dog – All Day Play (6 hours max)

Additional Activities

walks/private playtime

For those seeking a more personal adventure, private playtime and walks are conducted in one of our many walk areas and offer 15 minutes of off-leash time with a handler

private pool time

Relax with 20 minutes of individual playtime in our private dog parks. Restrictions may apply

Office Duty

For a heightened level of experience, we invite the well-behaved dogs to one hour of time in our office, greeting clients and simply relaxing with the staff

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