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Book your pet's stay in advance Daycare Availability Is Filling Up Quickly 4th of July Holiday is Booked
Book your pet's stay in advance Daycare Availability Is Filling Up Quickly 4th of July Holiday is Booked


If your pet is sick or in need of specialized medical care, then perhaps your vet would be the better choice. But if your pet is healthy, why board in a hospital environment with little to no exercise and cages? We provide your pet with oversized indoor/outdoor runs (heated & A/C, of course), supervised playtime, private walks, treats and lots of attention. Doesn’t your pet deserve a vacation, too?

Dogs are pack-animals by nature and prefer to be with people and other animals rather than left home alone. We offer mental and physical stimulation such as park playtime in our private dog parks with in-ground pools, private walks with a handler, snacks and luxury accommodations. Even our feline guests enjoy private playtime. Also, our staff is here in case of a weather emergency.

We have kennel staff on premises 24-hours. However, we will not be offering 24-hour office hours at this time. After hours office assistance is available by reservation only.

We serve Natural Balance dry food for a nominal fee, but we encourage owner’s to bring their pet’s food from home. We even have microwaves and refrigerators to accommodate very special appetite needs.

We require flea & tick prevention for all pets. If your pet is not on a preventative, we highly recommend they are covered to prevent them from getting any fleas or ticks. While we have no fleas or ticks in our facility and they cannot live in the AstroTurf, your pet will be in the vicinity of other pets.

SoMi offers the utmost in safety and comfort for your pet. Cageless boarding leaves the potential for altercations and a decrease in your pet’s ability to receive a restful night’s sleep. Also, not everyone is suited for a group environment, which is why we offer private playtime. Quiet time in a private suite also allows us to thoroughly clean common areas in preparation for next day’s play.

Our guests participate in a variety of activities during their stay. The bath fee ensures a departure bath so they go home fresh and clean. In order to keep our facility smelling fresh, we may need to bathe an incoming dog. Also, we keep pets clean during the stay if they happen to get dirty before departure day.

Much like a hotel, we schedule incoming guest availability based on outgoing guests. We also need time to thoroughly clean and prepare suites for incoming guests. If you need to schedule a late check-out we will extend your pet’s activities for the day and schedule the bath prior to check-out. Then they rest in their suite until you arrive.

Our staff is trained to monitor your pet’s health and well-being, and to administer first-aid treatment while in our care. But, we are not a veterinarian hospital. Should the situation arise that we feel your pet requires medical attention, we will contact you or your emergency contact to coordinate veterinarian services with your pet’s own provider. Also, we are within close proximity of multiple animal hospitals in case of an emergency.

We are always prepared to administer medications during your pet’s stay. However, we do not administer insulin or other injections. Always provide detailed instructions and let us know specifically what condition the medications are for. Remember, your pet may not eat according to his or her regular schedule, and sometimes food gets spilled over in a run. So, let us administer any necessary medications to be certain they have been taken rather than adding them to your pet’s prepackaged food.

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