Somi Pet Resort

Book your pet's stay in advance
Book your pet's stay in advance

Cat Boarding

SoMi Pet Resort offers your feline the utmost in relaxation and comfort with spacious, multi-unit condos in our secluded cat rooms. Your cat will enjoy private playtime, HDTV, an A/C system providing fresh air returns and daily housekeeping for unparalleled odor and climate control. Luxurious beds are provided. However, your pet’s favorite bedding or blanket, treats and toys are always welcome to ensure their stay is most enjoyable.

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Kitty Playtime

Your kitty will also enjoy private “roaming” time in our secure cat room, complete with climbing trees and a huge picture window view of all arrivals and departures.


Cleanliness is our top priority. Everyday your cat's condo will be cleaned, litter changed and fresh water provided. Our feline guests deserve the most comfortable space for them to feel at home with us.


In addition to our dog parks and many of our dog suites, our cat rooms are equipped with webcams, so you can view your pet at play no matter where your travels take you.

Luxury Cat Accommodations

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